Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre is a registered Community Interest Company or CIC for short. A CIC is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders.

Ticket revenue from shows only accounts for a small fraction of the overall cost of production, the remaining costs are covered through arts funding, sponsorship and donations.

Here you can donate to help us continue to create innovative and ambitious theatre. You can choose how much or little you'd like to donate and believe us when we say that every little helps. The benefits of donating are a huge warm fuzzy feeling inside, and after all who can put a price on that. We do also have other rewards and perks which we will be announcing soon.

If you wish to talk to us in more detail about donating or anything else finance related then please do drop us an email at

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